About Us

Mirage Solar is an independent division of Mirage web Ltd. Mirage solar is the leading and trusted Solar (Photovoltaic) Poly-crystalline and Mono-crystalline panel manufacturer of 5w-320w located in New Delhi, India.

Mirage Solar PV Modules are made of highly efficient mono and poly crystalline solar cells which are resistant to rain, water, abrasion and hail impact. They are suitable for use in remote areas, mountainous areas, desert areas, islands, and rural areas, as a method to save on the cost of supplied electricity. We utilize the highest-quality materials, sourced through our global supply chain, to ensure that our solar panels will generate value for decades to come.

Our core values - Experience, Integrity, Quality & Teamwork ensure total customer satisfaction and continuous betterment.

Mirage Solar is committed to delivering the highest quality solar panels to our customers around the world. We stand by our promise of quality workmanship in all our products.

Mirage Solar is on the forefront of renewable energy with offering of solar power system. Our products and services include solar EPC services, solar power plants, solar farms and solar power projects, solar rooftop systems, solar home power systems, solar water pumps, solar water heaters, solar home lighting and solar lanterns.

Our main clients are wholesalers, distributors/dealers and project installer. Our work with clients in several on-grid and off-grid power system projects includes both Mono and Poly solar panels.

Solar energy is a clean, efficient, and renewable energy source. Solar panels, solar cells, off-grid solar PV systems, and BIPV systems utilize solar photovoltaic technology to achieve conversion of solar radiant energy to direct current electricity resulting in electricity for residences, office buildings etc. This reduces recurring expenditure on electricity. Using solar energy to generate electricity is environment friendly and beneficial for environmental protection.